27. Mar

Frankfurt, the city with many banks. Not everyone has huge towers, they attract attention in other ways! Frankfurt

26. Mar

Seen from the palm garden, the lines of the building appear like the ups and downs of the stocks... Frankfurt.

17. Mär
Bockenheimer Warte/10

Frankfurt's watchtowers and the Bockenheimer Warte

01. Mär

Sandtorhafen in Hamburg and then: Kehrwiederspitze
Because of a studiovisit I have been asked about pictures from Hamburg. Yes, do I have! But not yet in the WEB. So I selected some pictures! Have a look! Hamburg.

05. Feb
Participation in the Discovery Art Fair Cologne

Be tuned. Come back later to see more!

19. Jan

Ghosts and temple: Köln
In Cologne there is a long tradition of Heinzelmännchen. Everyone is looking for them, and the legend tells them that they were driven out by exactly this search.
This narrative image of the Wroclaw square shows a well-attended place despite the late hour, which gives with its temple and the ghosts hope that the Heinzelmännchen are still to be found. Köln.

26. Sep.
Churches on Öland

Kyrkor på Öland During Skördefest 2018 my first book will start it's selling: Kyrkor på Öland. On 76 pages all 34 churches, one chapell and one former church will be shown in two panorama pictures
Vernissage: 26.09.2018 at 18:00 in Böda, Öland, Schweden
Please come to
Mellbödagatan 170

07. Sep

The exciting connection between movement and localisation Ligthhouses
This image of the northernmost building in Germany inspired me. In the accompanying text of the exhibition TheaterTheater you find:

I shall proceed from this with my investigation:
The working title of this project is: Ortswechsel
Look around from time to time, I travel across Europe again and again to capture spectacular images of lighthouses. Lighthouses.

19. Mar.
QQTec - QQArt

Strom Invitation for exhibition Ausstellung Strom. I am very proud to show one work of mine in the exhibition "Strom" in Hilden, Germany.

"Stromengel/17" from 2013 has only been on show one time, but I got huge amount of feedback on it. I hope, there is also a lot of interest on this exhibition in Hilden!

Vernissage: 23.04.2017 at 15:00 in Hilden
QQArt - QQTec