05. Dec.

Lanterns and palmtrees
What can be "Lanternized"? Why not even a palmtree? Here is a particularly beautiful one. It is located in Valencia, more precisely at the sports boat harbor, right on the "Platja Del Cabanyal". Zwergpalme/7.

13. Nov
Blue Eye/18

Blue Eye/18 This building in Valencia, called Hemisfèric, brought to this world by the creativity of Santiago Calatrava, does not look like this until evening. And also only from the outside!

05. Oct

My new passion: lighthouses. Here are the first versions of new, fascinating images to be found. The beginning is made by an unusual lighthouse from Öland: Kapelludden/6.

16. Sep

Nachtschwärmer/25 My work Nachtschwärmer/25 (Nighthawks/25) is one of a total of 84 exhibits in the exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Kontrastlab. Is on until 31.10.

21. Jun

Summersolstice, holidays, Sylt
A new series in my portfolio: Sylt.
Some pictures are already listed, but still some will be added in the near future. My fund on unprocessed images is still quite large! Rotes Kliff/21.

13. Jun
Morsum Kirche/11

Morsum Kirche/11 Morsum on Sylt, a small village often spared from the flood, but two world wars have great sacrifices demanded by the young men of the place...

20. Feb

The yearly exhibition in the gallery Display
Springvieh/12. For more informationen...

05. Jan

Springvieh A snapshot. And inspiration for a new series?

24 Dez
Merry Christmas.

I wish all my clients and interested in my pictures

Merry Christmas