26. Sep.
Churches on Öland

Kyrkor på Öland During Skördefest 2018 my first book will start it's selling: Kyrkor på Öland. On 76 pages all 34 churches, one chapell and one former church will be shown in two panorama pictures
Vernissage: 26.09.2018 at 18:00 in Böda, Öland, Schweden
Please come to
Mellbödagatan 170

07. Sep

The exciting connection between movement and localisation Ligthhouses
This image of the northernmost building in Germany inspired me. In the accompanying text of the exhibition TheaterTheater you find:

I shall proceed from this with my investigation:
The working title of this project is: Ortswechsel
Look around from time to time, I travel across Europe again and again to capture spectacular images of lighthouses. Lighthouses.

19. Mar.
QQTec - QQArt

Strom Invitation for exhibition Ausstellung Strom. I am very proud to show one work of mine in the exhibition "Strom" in Hilden, Germany.

"Stromengel/17" from 2013 has only been on show one time, but I got huge amount of feedback on it. I hope, there is also a lot of interest on this exhibition in Hilden!

Vernissage: 23.04.2017 at 15:00 in Hilden
QQArt - QQTec

25. Feb.

Is it a house?
Or is it a fish? A fish with tinsel? Calatrava/10.

Recently, changes daily.

05. Dec.

Lanterns and palmtrees
What can be "Lanternized"? Why not even a palmtree? Here is a particularly beautiful one. It is located in Valencia, more precisely at the sports boat harbor, right on the "Platja Del Cabanyal". Zwergpalme/7.

13. Nov
Blue Eye/18

Blue Eye/18 This building in Valencia, called Hemisfèric, brought to this world by the creativity of Santiago Calatrava, does not look like this until evening. And also only from the outside!

05. Oct

My new passion: lighthouses. Here are the first versions of new, fascinating images to be found. The beginning is made by an unusual lighthouse from Öland: Kapelludden/6.

16. Sep

Nachtschwärmer/25 My work Nachtschwärmer/25 (Nighthawks/25) is one of a total of 84 exhibits in the exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Kontrastlab. Is on until 31.10.

21. Jun

Summersolstice, holidays, Sylt
A new series in my portfolio: Sylt.
Some pictures are already listed, but still some will be added in the near future. My fund on unprocessed images is still quite large! Rotes Kliff/21.

13. Jun
Morsum Kirche/11

Morsum Kirche/11 Morsum on Sylt, a small village often spared from the flood, but two world wars have great sacrifices demanded by the young men of the place...

20. Feb

The yearly exhibition in the gallery Display
Springvieh/12. For more informationen...

05. Jan

Springvieh A snapshot. And inspiration for a new series?

24 Dez
Merry Christmas.

I wish all my clients and interested in my pictures

Merry Christmas

25. Nov

140517/17-1 Santiago Calatrava has been supposedly inspired by a reclining woman to the design of main station from Liege. Here you can see the exit from the main building to one of the platforms. The roof flows seamlessly down and shows a continuous form. Do you recognize the rolling stairs?

28. Okt

Autumn: Spitzahorn/19.
Just Autumn....

21. Oct
Kina Slott/9

Kina Slott/9 Another royal lantern. This time one from Stockholm, more precisely, from Drottningholm. In the park are countless of these lanterns, but this here is in the immediate vicinity of a "Kina Slott" called building.

14. Okt
Wie räuhich ett ungen ess.../8

Cologne, Subway: Wie räuhich ett ungen ess.../8.
An elevator ride from the very bottom to the very top....

10. Oct

Faydance/8 This time a picture, which can act and which shall act then without any words!

30. Sep

Sweden, Öland, Trollskog: Schiffswrack/19. In the far north of Öland, this wreck lies on the beach. It's been there for at least 60 years. And so has already become for generations of visitors to a sharp point, not only for a holiday but also for events with their children in connection with holidays on Öland.
Any visitor to the island knows this ship called Swix. And that it has sunk in a storm 90 years ago, had been lying for 30 years on a sandbar far off the island and was driven by another storm on the beach at Trollskog.
The shipwreck Swix: Reminder for countless people ...

16. Sep

Sweden, Baltic Sea, Harbour: Holzsegelschiff/43. Here is a picture of the new series in development. This image consists of 43 individual photographies, a rare stroke of luck.

And actually the picture transfers a good feeling, no more words are necessary.....

09. Sep

This day is my Birthday: 141130/11-1. And that's why I show you today another previously unpublished image from the Heumarkt Cathedral!
The trainstop at the lowest level has large light surfaces made of glass bricks. Here are eleven of these surfaces put together to form one picture.
For all foreigners: 11 in addition to the 3 is a number in the arms of the city of Cologne:
»Three crowns for the Holy Three Kings from the East«
»Eleven maidens accompanied Saint Ursula on her trip to Rome to beg the Pope for permission to marry a heathen«
This number eleven can be found in Cologne again and again. And I will show eleven stairs, or even eleven light surfaces.

02. Sep

Cologne, Central Station: Eigelstein/9. Due to recent events I show today an image from the series HBF blue. The Greek Dimitris Manolas operates the site "The Vanderbild" and has featured my pictures just today.
My pictures are shown anytime anywhere in the world by any blog, but this site is just not like the other monotony mash.

What does my picture Eigelstein/9 show?
It is the passage of the road Eigelstein under the tracks of the Central Station. For dove defense all these bridges in the immediate and wider environment of the central station are illuminated by this turquoise light. I have featured all these shades of blue in the area of the station and made a small series of it.
All images have been created at 6:30 in the morning.
All images have been taken right next to the Central Station.

25. Aug

Gas stations: Nachtschwärmer/25-1. Gas stations at night. Who cannot tell a story concerning a gas station.
I did not want to portray anything else than gas stations, gas stations at night, gas stations without people, gas stations without human artifacts in the environment. Solely: gas stations
. Since I have been showing my gas stations I've heard many, many stories where gas stations played an important role. Put one of the gas stations on your wall and listen to the stories of your visitors!

18. Aug

City, Underground: 140830/38. Light! What incredible effects can be produced even in secular buildings!

11. Aug

Near the ocean, on the beach: Schiffswrack/19. This time, a ship, and again one that is not in the water. But today it is a wreck on the beach.
And you will be surprised: This image will be part of a special edition, an exclusive edition with only a few pieces and each image is a serial unique!

10. Jun
Im Slipwagen/44

Near the ocean, harbor: Im Slipwagen/44. Ships must also be serviced, and sometimes they have to even completely be out of the water.
And you will be surprised: This image will be part of a special edition, an exclusive edition with only a few pieces and each image is a serial unique!

17. Jun

Sweden, Öland, Mörbylånga: 140722/8-1. What could it be this time? Already an idea? Then take a look and check, whether you are right!

10. Jun

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: 140430/8-1. This time, just impressions of the Currywurst, the snack bar right outside the entrance to Cologne Central Station.

03. Jun
Art'pu:l 2015

Pulheim, Walzwerk: art'pu:l 2015.
I am this year again on the art'pu: l
More information later ...

26. May

North of Germany, Stade: Pferdemarkt/8.
The latest image of the Lantern series comes from Stade: at the horse market is one such lantern.

19. May

Self-portrait, as well as Portrait: Selfie/19-1.
Very unusual portrait ...
And you can also have one of yourself!
Get in touch with me!

12. Mai

Pulheim, Walzwerk: B10.
I look forward seeing You soon? Booth 10!

05. Mai
Art'pu:l 2015

Pulheim, Walzwerk: art'pu:l 2015.
I am this year again on the art'pu: l
More information later ...

29. Apr

Sweden, Öland: Jordhamn/37.
The abrasive mill was built in 1905 by carpenters from Boda. It was used to burnish the limestone obtained near by. The thus obtained smooth limestone slabs were used for example as stones for construction of floors and were a typical product of the limestone industry on Öland. The construction of wind-driven abrasive mills on Öland started about 1850 and replaced the previously operated abrasive walks, using the power of oxen or horses on a circular path, where the limestone plates were processed at. Through the use of wind energy, the machining operation of about a week was shortened to one day. Located next to the scouring mill a scouring circle for oxen canbe viewed.

Although the abrasive mill in Jordhamn is located on the banks of the Kalmarsundes, next to the mill a well is located from which the required scouring water was taken. Thus, the water did not have to be carried from the beach to the mill.

For the operation of the mill, it turned out to be a hindrance that this was a bit too deep and sometimes it not even got enough wind. Nevertheless, the mill was in operation until 1938. In the thirties of the 20th century, the wind-driven scouring mills were gradually abandoned because the industrial working of the stones was made more cost-effective.

The mill was then about 10 years unused. 1947 acquired the home club of Akerbo the mill and fought for the preservation of the technical monument. From the 1900 existing 30 scouring mills on Öland only the scouring mill Jordhamn remained. Each summer the restored mill is taken in operation for demonstration purposes.

22. Apr

Schleswig-Holstein, Lake Plön, Bosau: Goldhelmlaterne/22.
This time again, just a lantern. These lanterns can be found in Bosau, on the southwestern shore of Lake Plön. Bosau is known for its church from the 12th century (1152 consecrated). As a Vicelin Church St. Peter to Bosau represents the smallest cathedral in the world. These lanterns around this cathedral reveal their unique charm only upon closer inspection ...