19. Mar.
QQTec - QQArt

Strom Invitation for exhibition Ausstellung Strom. I am very proud to show one work of mine in the exhibition "Strom" in Hilden, Germany.

"Stromengel/17" from 2013 has only been on show one time, but I got huge amount of feedback on it. I hope, there is also a lot of interest on this exhibition in Hilden!

Vernissage: 23.04.2017 at 15:00 in Hilden
QQArt - QQTec

25. Feb.

Is it a house?
Or is it a fish? A fish with tinsel? Calatrava/10.

05. Dec.

Lanterns and palmtrees
What can be "Lanternized"? Why not even a palmtree? Here is a particularly beautiful one. It is located in Valencia, more precisely at the sports boat harbor, right on the "Platja Del Cabanyal". Zwergpalme/7.

13. Nov
Blue Eye/18

Blue Eye/18 This building in Valencia, called Hemisfèric, brought to this world by the creativity of Santiago Calatrava, does not look like this until evening. And also only from the outside!