30. Dec '21

An alley, large trees besides the walking people Bäume.

27. Dec '21
Prunus avium/10

Today nothing else than this wonderful tree Prunus avium/10. Just the tree... Bäume

08. Nov '20

A cypress like from van Gogh's paintings? A blazing flame, a phallic twitch?
Maybe. It's a tree portrait from my new series. Only found here. Baumporträts.

13. May '20
Vision II/30

Today I received the message that my work Vision II/30 was selected to take part in the exhibition Art in the River (Kunst im Fluss). I am delighted that I was able to score in the category Abstract Photography. The exhibition runs from 14.06.2020 in the Kufo Eifel. Funde

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