You can rent the work
. The costs are:
  • Minimum 12% of the purchase value, minimum duration of six months
  • Each additional month 2% of the purchase value
  • 'notice is 1 month, but this does not reduce the cost of the first 6 months
  • For damage or theft during the rental period you are liable as a tenant.
When a work thus costs 1000 Euro, you pay 120 Euro for the first 6 months, then only 20 Euro per additional month.

An alternative is:
You can also lease this work. The price is less than you think, but the profit for you is much greater than you believe!
The costs are:
  • Minimum 20% of the purchase value. That are 5 month.
  • Each additional month 4% of the purchase value
  • After 24 months of rental, the work comes into your possession over.
  • You are liable for theft during the rental period. In case of damage a replace is possible for 20% of the purchase value.
When a work thus costs 1000 euros, you will pay 200 Euro for the first 5 months, then 40 euros each following month. After 24 months you have purchased the work for 960 euros (200 + 19*40)!