31 Jan '13 A customerrequest was to implement the possibility to prefer dancers of the actual dancinglevel. If there is a mixed clubevent with changing dance levels, e.g. PLUS and A1, dancer dancing only PLUS shall be prefered when a PLUS tip is rotated. I implemented this. It is soon be available for public, after some "in the field" testing.

17 Dez '12 The request is to implement an "undo" action: If for any reasons the rotation of new squares has to be repeated it is necessary to do an "undo" before, as all dancers which want to pause would not pause, if there would be two rotates without actually dancing. I will start to implement this soon.

11 Dez '12 I implemented the new flag: I called it "alwaysVisible". The effect is: if you check it, the dancer is always visible in the overview. If it is unchecked. the dancer will only be visible, if he/she is present or pausing.
You can use the flag to tell: This is a member and this is a guest. Members are alwyas visible whereas guestonly are visible when present. With less names in the overview you can perhaps reduce the number of lines and columns and have greater letters, which lead to more readability.

21 Nov '12 I plan to introduce a new attribute for the dancer: member. If set the dancer's name will appear in the overview screen. This will reduce the number of names in the overview screen drastically and will speedup the look for your name. This attribute can be managed in the List dancer dialog, a dancer can be given the meber status and thus get visible in the overview

25 Okt '12 I started to implement a function to create pages covered with barcodes. This can be positioned in a way, that the printout of this page will exactly match your label paper. So you can create your own barcodes. You can use this barcode together with a barcode scanner, which eases the use of SplitChainer a lot.