Welcome to SplitChainer

SplitChainer is a program to rotate square dancers into squares, easy and fair. No matter whether on club evening or a larger Square Dance event: SplitChainer rotates within seconds even hundred and more dancers into squares.
SplitChainer takes several task under account at the same time. At the end of the dancing event the following is true:
  • All dancers danced and paused the same number of tips (this will be optimized)
  • One dancer danced as seldon as possible with one and the same other dancer (this will be minimized)
  • As much dancers as possible have danced as often as possible (this will be maximized)

And how can this be achieved?

Just pure fair rotation! Nothing else!

The result is a hassle-free square dance event!

How does this work?

Dancers use the code on their badge:
You want to start dancing:Scan your code once.
You want to pause next tip:Scan your code once.
You want to stop dancing at all:  Scan your code twice.
All the master has to do is:
rotate the next tip
pressing the shortkey for Rotate


Have a closer look at the download options